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Wholesale Sisal Dry Bikini Brush 16.5 cm

SKU 506348
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The Sisal Dry Bikini Brush is a rounded dry brush with bristles on all sides that is perfect for around the bikini line to exfoliate and help prevent ingrown hairs. Can also be used as a regular body dry brush.

Use gentle dry brushing to slough away dead cell build-up and promote healthy, glowing skin. Sisal fibres are firm yet flexible enough to brush away dry flakes and patches without being too harsh on the skin.

How to use

Most effective when used dry, and can be incorporated into your daily cleansing routine just before showering. Start at the feet and hands and gently brush the skin in an upward motion towards the heart. After brushing the entire body, shower/bathe as usual and then follow with your favourite moisturizer.