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Wholesale Properly Pampered Satin Pillow Case (2-Pack) (Various colours)

SKU 544726
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Properly Pampered Satin Pillowcases are the pillowcase to redefine your beauty sleep.  These pillowcases provide a luxury sleep experience that protects your hair and maintains your skin's essential moisture balance.  The surface of the pillow is moisture-wicking and protects against wrinkles, creasing, and tugging. 

  • Skin and hair glide smoothly across the moisture-wicking surface to help protect against wrinkles, creasing and tugging. 
  • Proprietary poly material gives it an extraordinary satin finish. 
  • A smooth finish preserves hairstyles longer. 
  • Satin material is better for beauty rest than traditional cotton.
  • 2 pillowcases in a pack. 
  • Less friction defends hair from frizz and bedhead. 
  • 100% polyester material. 
  • Pillow size: 20" x 26" (standard)