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Wholesale Earth Bracelet - Displayer of 12

by Relaxus
SKU 504520
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Grounding restores balance within oneself by connecting with one's physical environment, especially the earth: walking barefoot, touching a tree, meditating, or wearing the earth's gifts. The Earth Bracelet is a deeply grounding set of beads made of semiprecious gems and stones to help bring calm and balance into one's life.

Product Features

  • Blue-Vein: A soothing stone that invites beautiful positivity in our lives.
  • White Howlite: Associated with patience and perspective. Helpful for those seeking spiritual knowledge.
  • Polychrome Jasper: Serves as a reminder that there is great beauty to life.
  • Chrysocolla: The teaching crystal -- ideal for tapping into the highest truths.
  • Striped Agate: Helps to find spiritual splendor. Encourage quiet contemplation.
  • Wooden displayer.